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I’m Back!!!!

8 Jan

It’s been a long time, I know but life happens. I am back with a lot more of everything, content and videos.


The Purge

7 Jun


I have been hear so many things about THE PURGE, on the radio, people talk about it on facebook and twitter about what they would do, and then I thought of what I would do If that happened in the world today. Well first let me tell you its about a place where for 12 hours straight crime is legal, and all emergency services are suspended. To me I think that’s a great idea for a movie and a great start because anything could happen?But what would I do? I thought about it and I don’t think I would go out looking to commit a crime, but I would definitively stay in my house and keep my family safe, also if i know what time the purge comes, I would prepare by booby trapping all the openings in my house, my yard, windows, roof, doors everywhere. NowΒ  that’s a plan.




24 Mar


There is this very interesting show or movie, I would say mini movies, but I have been really into these shows and it’s so nice to see the word of god come to life visually, I know when I read about a particular story in the bible, I always see it playing out in my head. Its great that the History Channel shows this because it really gives a chance for people who really are not interested in reading the bible to see it and maybe spark their interest to start reading it. So of you haven’t watched it its a great time to start.

God bless

Safe Haven

3 Mar

I recently just finished Safe Haven by Nicolas Sparks , and it was sooooo good. The beginning of the book started off slow to me but after a couple of pages after, I couldn’t put the book down. The book is about a mysterious girl named Katie who is new in town and meets Alex at the store that he owns. Every time the two meet you find out more and more about Katie and Alex as well. Although this is a love story as Sparks is known for, there is also a darkness and sadness about the book. It touches on the dark subject of domestic abuse and as I was reading I found my self very emotional, yes because of the love that was blossoming between Katie and Alex but mostly for what she had to go through with her husband, Kevin, and how she got away. The book keeps building suspense with Katie and Alex getting closer and falling in love and also with Kevin always looking for her. This was my first time reading one of Sparks books and I wasn’t disappointed. The ending wasn’t what I expected, but that’s not a bad thing. If you pick up this book you won’t want to put it down. You will also go through so many emotions : love, sadness, suspense, and happiness, which were the main ones for me. If your looking for a good read this is the one, you can take my word for it.
Next book up is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

Peace out

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